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homahgawd, an actual post! :O

Yeah. Insane right?! Its been over a month!I pretty much fail at life lol.
Since I last posted? So much has happened. Most of it epic :D
+ Saw Green Day live
[got a Mike Dirnt pick and a drum stick from the drummer from Jet!]
+ Saw Lamb of God and DevilDriver live

+ Dislocated my wrist
[did that yesterday. /fail]
+ Actually dressed like a girl for once :D
[yes. forealz!]

Frick the meme, a picture-fest will suffice!

Me and John from DD & me with a7xschoolie , Edgie♥ and Eve!!

Anywho, gonna go make Merlin icons!
Later, gators! :D

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ohaithurr guize!

Long time no post! Like, really long time. A month I think.
Where have I been you ask? No where really, I'm just too lazy to post LOL.
Really the only place I frequent a lot is on twitter. Follow me if youve got one ;D

Lately I've been 110% focused on acing History VCE class. This past few weeks it's been killing me.
Ive had to do reports on each of the wars in the 20th Century, do 5 essays on various crap lol and next Wednesday I have an exam. Failwhale D:
All that aside, how was everyones Halloween?! Mine was fair epic, my school had a dress-up day and I went as....
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Anywho. Seeing as though its 20billion degrees here, I'm going to go attempt to not melt away :)
OH but I made TED DIBIASE JR ICONS and posted them @ crimsonxicons Check them out ;D
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im a teen distortion, survived abortion.

Holy shit. It's been ages since I last updated!
Whats happened? I aced my work experience. Actually, I'm pretty proud of it. My principal went back and told all my teachers i did a great job and the lady at the kinder said I should seriously consider a career in childcare :D

I've been pretty caught up in footy fever [lame sounding, no?] cause my team♥ WON the grand final. I've supported these boys since I was six!
I actually made my favourite player blush on Tuesday. they had a victory parade in town and they were making speeches.
It went really quiet so I screamed out 'I LOVE YOU JIMMY!!'. Poor guy nearly died of embarrassment lol. I was pretty pumped XD

The one on the right is the hot one ;)

Anywho. Its the one on the lefts wifes birthday today.

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This Is Staying Here Under My FO Post Until Everything Is Crossed Off.

Things To Accomplish ;
→ Pass Year 10
→ Go to a WWE Event
→ Visit Egypt
→ High five CM Punk
→ Clean my room, and keep it clean
→ Buy a new straightener
→ Hug Matt Tuck
→ See The Used live
→ Go to university
→ Find out my fathers name
→ Write my own book
→ Attend school for a month straight
→ Tell Kevin Jonas to start straightening his hair again
→Finally make an icon I love
→Learn Spanish
→ Buy a new Ipod
→ Change someones life and have someone change mine
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23 WWE Icons :D

So after I posted my Jonas Brothers icons, I started making some WWE ones:

[2] Randy Orton
[2] Ashley Massaro
[4] Maria
[3] Chris Jericho
[3] CM Punk
[2] Triple H
[2] John Cena
[1] Batista
[1] HBK
[1] Rated RKO
 [1] Ashley & Candice
[1] Chris Jericho & HBK

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